DAVE: no stay with me here

DAVE: i know people grow and change and shit its dumb to think you havent improved or whatever since we met ten years ago

DAVE: but rose is gone

DAVE: and roxy isnt gone but he isnt really the same as he was before

DAVE: maybe thats shitty of me to say and im like leaning in to my own internal biases

DAVE: but talking to him feels different

DAVE: and karkat is the same big fucking tool hes always been but our shit is definitely

DAVE: uh

DAVE: different than it was before

DAVE: but yeah you i can always still recognize

KANAYA: I Am Quite Easy To Locate In The Dark

DAVE: heh

DAVE: yeah

KANAYA: Thank You

DAVE: for what

KANAYA: For Reminding Me Why Im Here

DAVE: cool

KANAYA: Since We Are Sharing In This Human Emotion Called Friendship

KANAYA: What About You

DAVE: what about me what

KANAYA: How Are Your Feelings

> ==>