DIRK: Come on. You know that we are.

DIRK: But I think I can present a pretty convincing case if need be.

ROSE: So you wanted to have a dialectic about it first, just to be sure.

ROSE: I'm game.

ROSE: Where shall our allegory begin?

DIRK: Beg pardon.

ROSE: Oh come on. The cave?

ROSE: I have to say I’m a little disappointed in you. Three years, and not once did I witness you replacing any parts of the ship.

ROSE: How are we to jerk ourselves off philosophically if you don’t lean into your clumsy allusions?

DIRK: It's a fair question.

DIRK: But since the name you suggested was nothing more than a very juvenile play on words, I can’t say you’ve got much ground to stand on.

ROSE: What’s juvenile about The Kant?

DIRK: Nothing.

DIRK: At least, not when you say it.

ROSE: It’s not my fault you sound like a gay cowboy.

DIRK: Sigh.

See what I have to deal with?

And yes, I’m still here. For the time being I want to keep things brief, narratively speaking.

DIRK: Look, we can have this argument later.

ROSE: I’ll pencil it in.

DIRK: For now, we need to talk about Deltritus.

> ==>