HARRY ANDERSON: where even are you? this audio sucks shit, it sounded like you were...i couldn’t hear you right.

VRISSY: We’re in the janitor’s closet near what you always tell me is the Good Water Fountain, 8ut we can’t stay here.

VRISSY: And no, you heard it fine, that was just Vriska.

HARRY ANDERSON: oh ok. so that part about the other vriska was true too i guess?

HARRY ANDERSON: awesome, yeah. cool. normal.

VRISKA: We could call Rose and Kanaya, may8e?

VRISSY: My Moms would either give us a Medal or Kill Us Themselves, it’s like 50/50 odds.

TAVROS: Don’t love those numbers, folks,

VRISSY: Ugh and also they might 8e like. In the middle of important War Shit.

VRISKA: So? What we just did was some important war shit.

HARRY ANDERSON: i can’t keep up with all of you assholes talking at once.

HARRY ANDERSON: can we just meet back at my mom’s place? she shouldn’t be at home.

VRISSY: Fine, okay.

HARRY ANDERSON: people are starting to disperse, so if you’re gonna make a run for it, now’s your shot. don’t get caught.

VRISKA: Wouldn’t dream of it, 8a8e.

VRISSY: >::::[

HARRY ANDERSON: christ, what a shitshow.

> (==>)