The three fugitives arrive, and, at Vrissy’s direction, park in the back. Unsure if it’s safe to go inside, they hide in the landscaping and text their contact. Vrissy is no stranger to sneaking in and out of Harry Anderson’s window, but the stakes are quite a bit higher, now.

VRISSY: Are we good to go? Your mom’s Car is in the driveway.

HARRY ANDERSON: oh my god you are not gonna believe this but i got home and my dad was there?

VRISSY: what??? 8ecause of all this? How the fuck did he find out so fast?

HARRY ANDERSON: no he was apparently just schmoozing with my mom if you can fuckin believe it? like you do with your ex you haven’t talked to in years i guess?

HARRY ANDERSON: his timing is comically bad. it’s maybe the funniest shit he’s ever done.

HARRY ANDERSON: anyway he roped me in to going out for a drive so sit tight.

VRISSY: Are you Fucking KIDDING me right now Harry Anderson?

HARRY ANDERSON: i know, i know.

HARRY ANDERSON: but no worries, i asked my mom to pick me up some snacks so she’ll leave to go to the store in a sec.

HARRY ANDERSON: just sneak in after she leaves and hide in my room, and i’ll be back in a bit.

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