(Everyone: Congreg8.)

HARRY: ok, i think i'm as ready as i'm ever going to be.

HARRY: which isn't really saying very much.

HARRY: how about you guys.

VRISSY: Well, in simple terms, We're Fucked.

VRISSY: We still don't have a way out, and more and more Reporters are showing up every second.

VRISSY: And the moment we step outside, we're Targets for the Crocker Cops.

TAVROS: We must evade them at all costs,,,

TAVROS: They are,,, with some certainty,,, under orders to capture vrissy,,, and,,, also me,

TAVROS: And,,, i'm not sure whose punishment is likely to be worse,,,

HARRY: how are you holding up, tavros?

TAVROS: M, me,,,?

TAVROS: I'm,,,

TAVROS: I'm quite well,,, harry anderson,,, thank you for asking,,,

HARRY: ok...

TAVROS: However,,, i must admit,,, the thought of our impending pursuit,,, and potential capture,,, makes my blood run cold,,,

HARRY: yeah. the more i think about it, the more nervous i feel.

HARRY: i've had stage fright before, but this is ridiculous!

HARRY: haha...

HARRY: ...


HARRY: ...

HARRY: look, tavros.

HARRY: in case we don't make it out of this,

HARRY: i just wanted to say,

HARRY: that

HARRY: i'm so--

VRISKA: Alright, are we done here?

HARRY: um.

VRISKA: Forget it.

VRISKA: I've been stuck in this room for what feels like a month and I'm at my fucking limit.

VRISKA: I'm outta here.

TAVROS: B, But,,,

HARRY: you can't just-

VRISSY: Vriska, we're Tr8pped!

VRISSY: How are we supposed to Le8ve?!

VRISKA: You guys are free to do whatever you want, 8ut I'm just going to use the front door.

VRISSY: *Excuse Me*????????

VRISKA: L8r 8itches.

> (==>)