JOHN: hey guys!

JOHN: ahhh, rose it's so good to see you.

JOHN: even though i guess we saw each other not even a day ago, haha.

ROSE: Yes. Hello again, John.

ROSE: It's good to see you too.

JOHN: oh wow, that has to be the smallest number of words you've ever greeted me with!

JOHN: and jade! it's um... been too long?

JOHN: i'm glad you're here.

JADE: hi john

JADE: um... me too?

JOHN: i knew you were involved with the troll rebellion as well, but i didn't think you'd turn up looking quite so cool, haha.

JOHN: i think the camo really suits you!

JADE: ...

JOHN: ...

ROSE: ...

JOHN: ...jade?

JOHN: is everything okay?

JOHN: you seem a little out of it.

JADE: oh!

JADE: oh haha

JADE: im fine john!!

JADE: everything is fine!!!

JADE: its just

JADE: um

JADE: (rose... a little help here?)

ROSE: I... think what Jade is trying to say is that... uh,

ROSE: To stay within your chosen topic of outfits for the moment,

ROSE: The two of us are currently experiencing a sudden bout of speechlessness that is not entirely unrelated to the present state of yours.

ROSE: Which is to say:

ROSE: The pajamas.

JOHN: ah.

ROSE: I've heard of "sun's out, tum's out", but this is a little extreme.

ROSE: Anyone would think you didn't know that there's a war on.

ROSE: Not to be rude, of course.

JOHN: no, it's alright rose.

JOHN: i've already heard the same thing from harry anderson.

JOHN: in fact, if anyone else would like to criticize the clothes, now's your chance!

JOHN: please feel free to form an orderly queue right here.

JOHN: kanaya, i'm sure you've got something to say about it, right?

JOHN: ...

JOHN: kanaya?

> (==>)