Knight: Keep it real.

DAVEBOT: and thats reason four hundred nineteen why despite my mans many accomplishments i will never acknowledge big skateboardings contrived message that tony hawk is the quintessential skater of our generation


DAVEBOT: not in these trying times

DAVEBOT: beep boop

ARADIA: i have told you several times that i was a robot before and i know for a fact you dont have to say beep boop

DAVEBOT: hm that sounds fake does not compute

ARADIA: david


The Knight and the Maid stare at each other briefly, having exchanged enough meaningful glances over their time together to know when to drop it.

ARADIA: i think we have exchanged enough meaningful glances over our time together to know when to drop this

DAVEBOT: what i enjoy about our conversations is that you just say things like that

ARADIA: oh is that what you enjoy

ARADIA: well we are both an infinite number of years old living countless lifetimes at once but thats no reason to waste any of our...

She knows how this will play out, having undoubtedly tried this joke on her friend in some timeline or another. Their rapport reflects a unique combination of their matching aspects but greatly differing classes. One a passive but powerful servant to time, the other wielding the aspect like a honed blade.


DAVEBOT: say time


DAVEBOT: time then make a weird face

ARADIA: ........

DAVEBOT: waste time



DAVEBOT: i experience all points of time simultaneously please just say time and make a weird face

This is true.

ARADIA: ..................

DAVEBOT: cmon megido youre killing me clocks ticking


ARADIA: time o_o

The Maid casts a furtive glance around the empty crew quarters, as though to search for someone more sympathetic to her bit.

ARADIA: tough crowd

> ==>