He barely has time to shut the door before he spots Gamzee and yelps, flinging himself dramatically back against it.

Both Vriskas speak at once:

VRISKA: Hey, It’s cool, we’re cool, we just have to-

VRISSY: Wait, I should introduce Vriska-

Tavros yelps louder.

TAVROS: OH,,, ah, there appears to be two of you,

TAVROS: And one less of,,, uh,,,, him,

TAVROS: These are normal things you expect to happen, when you are picking up your kismesis and her,,,, ah,,, new friends,

VRISSY: Okay, so it’s like this: Uncle Gamzee’s Dead. 8eat up alt universe me--

VRISKA: HEY!!!!!!!

VRISSY: Who is VERY Cool and Sexy with her Eyepatch--

VRISKA: Heyyyyyyyy.

VRISSY: --Killed him, and we need your Wheels to hide the 8ody 8efore your Mom finds out and has her, I mean all of us, Murdered.

Tavros says nothing. His eyes flit from Vrissy to Vriska to Gamzee, and then shut. Everyone is still. Tavros’s thin chest rises and falls.

After a few beats, he propels himself off the car like a swimmer at the sound of a gun, his body plunging in a graceful arc toward his goal.

> (==>)