Vrissy and Vriska don’t know fully what it is he is feeling, but they stay back and let him feel it. They don’t intervene until he stands up on his own, wiping his palms against the tears on his cheeks. Vrissy pats him solidly on the back.

VRISSY: Fuck that guy, am I right?

VRISKA: I am in no place to 8egrudge a man his cathartic ass-kicking moment, but that was a loud fucking scream.

VRISSY: No kidding. My ears are STILL ringing from your 8ig attempt at breaking the sound 8arrier.

VRISKA: Yeah, yeah. It was impressive, he loved kicking dead clown ass just like you thought, wh8tever.

VRISKA: That’s all good, but the point is we need to hit the 8ricks 8efore someone comes over to try and award us with the loudest squealers award.

TAVROS: Yes, you’re quite right,

TAVROS: the both of you

VRISSY: Soooooooo, the trunk?

> (==>)