HARRY ANDERSON: hey babe, what’s up?

VRISSY: Just wanted to keep you posted on the extremely Cool and Exciting Developments you’re missing out on!!!!!!!!


VRISSY: The OG Vriska is in town, and she and Tavros and I are driving around trying to find somewhere to stash Gamzee’s corpse.

VRISSY: Vriska killed him.

VRISSY: Oh, and call me Vrissy, now.

HARRY ANDERSON: fuck, vrissy, that sounds a lot cooler than precalc.

HARRY ANDERSON: y’all know where you’re gonna hide him?

VRISSY: No, that’s what we’re trying to Figure Out. Got any Ideas?

Harry Anderson knows Vriska--Vrissy--pretty well. And he knows a prank when he sees one. His dad told him like six hundred times that he comes from a long line of japers, which he believes even though the biological relatives he knows from his father’s side aren’t exactly comedians. There is no possible way that this stuff Vrissy is saying isn’t horeseshit, but he is not about to crack. She is elevating her game, here, and he is not about to be left behind.

HARRY ANDERSON: you know it, girl.

HARRY ANDERSON: i have like three i’m cooking up right now.

HARRY ANDERSON: just tell tavros to bring y’all by the school, and i’ll have it all worked out by the time you get here.

VRISSY: Fuck yeah!!!!!!!

VRISSY: I thought it might take more convincing to get you on 8oard. I’m glad to see you finally getting into the revolutionary spir8.

HARRY ANDERSON: anything for you, vris.

> (==>)