VRISSY: UGH what is taking him so long?

TAVROS: I find him slow to respond,,, typically,

VRISSY: Yeah, not to me.

VRISKA: Why are we even waiting for him? We can just meet him inside.

VRISKA: You said this was a schoolhive, yeah?

VRISKA: We can just dump it in the inciner8or. That’s pro8a8ly what his plan was to 8egin with.

VRISSY: The what????????

VRISKA: The inciner8or. Like, for 8odies??



TAVROS: It is somewhat pleasant to be reminded,,, in my darker moments,,,, that the grass is not really ever greener on Alternia,

VRISSY: Oh thank fuck he’s texting me 8ack.

HARRY ANDERSON: sorry babe, i’m still in class.

HARRY ANDERSON: bring him around to the back door, by the gym.

HARRY ANDERSON: i’ll meet you there when i can.

HARRY ANDERSON: don’t get caught ;*

VRISSY: When you can????????

VRISSY: That’s IT????????

VRISSY: I should have known he was fucking with us.

VRISSY: GOD he is such a Stupid 8astard.

VRISKA: Wait, isn’t he your m8sprit? I thought this sickly motherfucker over here was your kismesis?

VRISSY: Oh my god, PLEASE stop talking like my Mom right now, I can’t fucking Think Str8!!!!!!!!

VRISKA: Ok, you’re right, who cares a8out these guys. Let’s just get this clown in the school.

VRISSY: This place is dangerous, you’re right, 8ut not Inciner8or Dangerous.

VRISSY: It’s human kingdom dangerous, Meaning dangerous for two living Trolls lugging around a dead one.

VRISSY: Tavros will 8e fine; he has Crocker Immunity, 8ut us...

VRISSY: Also I don’t think Harry Anderson has a Real Plan.

VRISKA: Who cares? I’ve got this under control.

VRISKA: Anyway, I thought you wanted to do cool adventurous shit like me?

VRISKA: Here’s your chance.

VRISSY: Low fucking 8low.

VRISKA: It’s not a 8low, it’s an offer.

VRISKA: Come on Tavros, let’s do this thing, she’ll come if she wants.

VRISSY: Tavros, don’t listen to her.

> (==>)