The mood at the scene of the crime is mixed. All three of them would label the main emotion as “extreme tension,” but that is a concept that means vastly different things to each of them.

Vriska, thriving on it, has not felt so decadently alive in a very long time. Tavros has never in his tragic existence felt so close to death, which is surprising to him.

Vrissy is trying her best not to grapple with any cosmic truths at the moment, since she’s getting a phone call in the middle of hiding for her life.

She grumbles to herself a bit before answering.

VRISSY: Really, Harry Anderson? A phone call?

VRISSY: Asshole’s lucky I keep my shit on silent.

HARRY ANDERSON: hey vris, what the fuck??

HARRY ANDERSON: are you looking at instagram, because your, uhh, situation? it’s ALL over the place.

VRISSY: Yeah Harry I would say we are Extremely Aware of the Situ8ion.

VRISSY: As it Unfolded the fuck all around us.

HARRY ANDERSON: i can’t believe you actually did that.

VRISSY: Oh can’t you? Can you really not????????

HARRY ANDERSON: look, babe, i thought you were joking!

HARRY ANDERSON: why would anyone believe you had an actual dead religious figurehead in the back of tavros’s car?

HARRY ANDERSON: he makes us scrape dirt off our shoes before we get in!

VRISKA: As much as I’m loving watching your m8sprit attempt to squirm out of any responsi8ility for his dum8shit actions, we should pro8a8ly get to the getaway part of this 8ackwards heist.

VRISKA: Does he have a real plan this time or are we just gonna try our own luck?

> (==>)